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X-Login X-Login is a powerful application that provides face based login authentication in conjunction with password
Size: 29.9 MB
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login keeper login login account auto login JetIB Login  
Login This sample shows how to make a registration screen for a program, it request a user name and password from the user,if the information is correct it saves it to INI file and removes the login screen.
Size: 25K
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user information screen program User Login Logger  
Login King Web's newest and slickest password manager. Named Best Utility by PC Magazine.
Size: 8.8 MB
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manage manager password manager password  
Login Helper Set up or just check the current state of the Windows auto login feature.
Size: 787.98K
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login locker Lock auto login clipboard helper Auto Lock  
Login Backup Keep an easy, safe and up-to-date record of all your online memberships
Size: 0.65 MB
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manager personal manager membership personal  
Gmail Login Chat with multiple friends at once just using Gmail username and password.
Size: 2 MB
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notifier Notify GMail Notification GMail Gmail checker  

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Log On! Internet Account Logon Automation Utility
Size: 285 KB
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login logon Twitter account automation sign-in log on  
Formito (Form Filler) Save and automatically fill logins, passwords and general web forms
Size: 82 KB
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login form filler fill Filler save login Fill Web Forms  
LoginTrap ProteMac LoginTrap monitors all login events and detects whether a login attempt was successful or failed. After a login attempt was made the program captures an image from the iSight camera, so that
Size: 11.18 MB
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login keeper login brutefoce attempt login account  
Username Password Saver Login and save Usernames and passwords.
Size: 133 KB
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save login information save login Save Passwords usernames  
SuperLogin Save, encrypt, and back up your login information
Size: 433.77K
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save information save version information  
RoboForm Online Save and fill in login info for web sites.
Size: 216.26K
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save login information save login fill login web fill  

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LoginHelper LoginHelper is a good tool that helps you to save and manage your internet login accounts. If you are an internet surfer, you have to login many favorite websites frequently and you must input usernam...
Size: 993 KB
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save login Helper save profile profile information  
Wall Street Browser The Auto-Login features allows you to securely save your login information to individual sites then easily login with the click of a button. Also, save groups of commonly used sites and open them at o...
Size: 5.48 MB
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secure browser safe browser tabbed browsing safe browsing  
GACSoft Remote Login GACSoft Remote Login increases productivity, saves money on hardware and results in a robust and flexible staff that can accomplish more with less money. Key Features of GACSoft Remote Login GACSoft R...
Size: 891.0 K
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Secure Login Secure login extension similar to Opera's Wand login. It uses the built-in password manager, but deactivates the prefilling of login forms. Instead, you are now able to login with one click or a keybo...
Size: 68K
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manager password manager password login Firefox extension  
Mirrapass Login to your favorite websites safely and securely with a single click and avoid the frustration of forgotten passwords. save time and never forget a password again. [b]Mirrapass[/b] can secure your...
Size: 3.1 MB
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free dvd burner one click login yahoo password cracker  
Windows Automatic Login Windows Automatic login is a small and easy to use program that enables you to setup Windows to automatically login to a specific user account. Windows Automatic Login also has the ability to limit th...
Size: 761 KB
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automate login Automation automatic composer